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Box Gutter Lining Melbourne

Obsidian Roofing’s one piece gutter lining product stops any types of leaks in box gutters guaranteed. Using a single roll of waterproof plastic, the entire box gutter is covered and therefore there is no chance of any leaks occurring. The cost of installing gutter lining is often a mere fraction of the cost involved with replacing them.

When newly installed, box gutters look amazing and is highly effective at draining away large volumes of water for commercial and industrial buildings. However, after 10 to 20 years box gutters often begin to leak due to the silicone in the joins deteriorating and the metal itself rusting, forming holes. Once leaking, box gutters are terribly difficult to replace, as they are usually surrounded by other roofing infrastructure and services.

Box gutters are always installed first and then the roof sheets and possibly even wall cladding are installed over them. As such, to replacing box gutters often requires the removal of existing roof sheets and other fixings. The entire process is lengthy and highly costly with majority of the effort spent on accessing the box gutter underneath other infrastructure. Therefore, Obsidian Roofing’s gutter lining solution is perfect for so many box gutter roofs with a leak warranty of 10 years.


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